Epiphany's Mantra

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings


Cryptically Dreaming...take a peek

We were all sitting around, mom, dad, husband, daughter and me talking about where the neighborhood was headed. It was bed time and Lovie wouldn’t sleep. The next day a vagrant shows up at our doorstep and just wouldn’t move. He wore a black sweatshirt and jean shorts and he sat there at our front door not saying a word nor was he facing the street. He sat on the steps facing the house with his back to the hedge that lined out small four step ascent. We called the police, who came but could not figure out why he was there and how to get him to move. They came in to explain our options of having him removed, but when they came out he was gone. The policeman stood there in his navy uniform, hands on hip looking as protective as he could and clueless.

That evening we didn’t see the vagrant. Everyone got ready for bed as usual and slept through the night. The next day as we all milled about, the vagrant was back in his spot and talking into the air. He repeated the same sentence “the house was ready”. As he shouted this to no one in particular the house started to lift off the foundation and rise into the sky. The neighbors all ran to their porches including a co-worker who kept shifting shapes and shouting up to us as we rose. We all ran nervously to the windows, wondering what was going on, and shrieked at the thought that the house was rising and we were trapped.

She, my co-worker was shouting from below that it was her turn to be taken, and it was not fair as she was ready. I got the camera and started taking pictures of the scene below, there was a brown square patch surrounded by green grass where the house used to sit. The five people surrounding my old co-worker just stood looking up at us as we rose. They just look like these black figures against the stark whiteness of the house. We rose and rose and continued to rise.

My father in law was holding Lovie, as my husband and I tried to make sense of what was going on. and as we turned from the window to gather ourselves, the windows and walls were replaced with glass sliding doors that dropped from the ceiling to the floor and clicked into a silver metal strip on the floor. We ran to the back of the house and looked around. There was nothing but darkness except for something glittering in the distance as it got closer I grabbed my camera.

My husband saw her first. She was tall not an Amazon but even taller and looked like a giant walking towards us. She was so tall that it could not be measured. Her hair was blond and below her shoulders. The gold breast plate that she wore from her neck to her thighs just glimmered and the wine colored skirt swung from side to side as she approached us. Everyone was riveted, not wanting to take our eyes off her, I lifted my camera and took her picture. The flash scared her and she dropped to her knees and quickly backed up behind a barrier that we hadn't noticed before. She had a companion that was not visible to us but we knew it was there. Maybe we passed Valhalla and Freyja was ready to welcome us, but we were not ready to go. As the warrior-goddess retreated we just stood there, wondering how and why we could have scared her off. Just then the ocean at dusk came into view.

Were we there the whole time. The waves were hugh and crashing, the light was dim but the colors that bounced off of the water were simply irresistible. Jasper was in his shorts and all of sudden runs out into the night sky. He loves the ocean, but as he dove in and swam around, we all gasped as the waves got bigger and bigger. How will we get him back, I shouted to the family who was trying to stay out of the way. Suddenly, I had an idea. On the next wave we could open one of the glass doors and let him in, but it was not necessary. A giant wave picked him up and rolled him into towards the house, before I figure out how to operate the metal strip the glass became plyable and bent and rippled to let him in. I wrapped him in the a towel and hugged him. We were so relived.

Just then a woman appeared outside, it was as bright as day or even daytime again and she looked and appeared in the form of Joyce Meyers. She approached us and said to me hold out your hand, I gave her my hand and she placed hers in mine with thumb and index finger creating a circle, the other three fingers point out away from each other. She said you’re not staying, Go back now. You must try and save them, teach them the way and don’t worry about how, you will know. She pointed to my hand again and the symbol and I woke up.

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