Epiphany's Mantra

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings


Serena the Siren

Long long ago and deep in the Mediterranean Sea, there was a mermaid named Serena. She was the greeter of the Kingdom. Her hair was long, and dark brown with streaks of gold from the sun and shells adorned her head like a crown. She spent her day s
itting at the entrance of Nei greeting visitors new and old, all the while combing her hair. During her break she would swim out into the deep to play with her best friend Loggie a loggerhead turtle, who was older than time. They would race back and forth through the water and up to the surface. Of course Serena would always win since old Loggie was slow. But it didn’t matter she
took the time to sit above water and sing to whomever would listen. The song was the same and her voice was captivating.

“Come, Come, listen to my voice, life is better here,
really the best choice
you will live forever, infinity in bliss
living on land you would never miss”

Many a ships have heard this song in passing, and many a men have fallen into
the water being lured by the sweet sounds. Of course, most of them lost their lives in the process. Serena was warned many times by the King not to sing above the surface, but she could not help it. The sounds her voice made were so much prettier above water. So Serena would wait until no ship was in sight before she sang and sang and sang.

Break time was over and she had to get back to her post. She sped through the water, swimming from coral to cave, exploring the reefs and playing in and out of the seaweed. Life was good, Loggie finally caught up; he was getting too old for playing but he knew Serena as a child and adore her quirky spirit. It was his exercise for the day.

Serena sat at her post thinking about what she would do later, when a young merman swan up. She was so lost in her thoughts, that she did not hear him clearing his throat...

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