Epiphany's Mantra

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings


Return to Me

Ambrosia with a spark of energy and much inspiration wrote a poem...nothing new there, except, after it was written, Ambrosia noted it reminded her of someone - someone close.

She knew it could only be Epiphany that she had channeled for that short moment and sent it to her for review. Epiphany gasped; it was written for her and about her.

Here it is - the Epitome of Epiphany's Existence:

by Ambrosia

The rolling bumps of clouds in wanting winds
Change direction with spikes of energy
In all colors
Blue haze
Red orange fire
Black earth
Green forgiveness
Yellow hearty laughter
Pink soft beds
Indigo silence
And Violet rays of light
Flashing vibrantly across my horizon, melting in the atmosphere of your world

Genuine fever doesn’t have to have a reality
It just exists with purpose and solitude
At once in the hills of your imagination,
When you were a child,
Mountains of fearless thoughts and dreams surrounded you like moths at play
They surrounded the light that was you
And all the energies found you and mingled like a cluster of neurons
Creating your aura
Fascinating, the essence of your spirit,
Your ka that still watches over you
Waiting for you to accept it once again without knowing

At once as a child, you swam in the pool of lovelace and existentialism
At present, you are a slave to the world that others have made for you
The box that they keep you in, wrapped in a white ribbon of abnormal purity
Your mind drowned in the despair of every day monotonies
I want you to soar again beyond the red doors and white washed picket fences of misconstrued dreams
To the land that I have made for you
The land you have started from
Return to me and you will be refreshed my little one,
Return to me
To the sea of knowing

Thank you Ambrosia for your words bring me comfort and peace...Epiphany

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