Epiphany's Mantra

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings


The Facebook list of Quizzes

Lately, I have been taking these silly quizzes on Facebook (shameless plug w/o compensation) - why because they are entertaining and yes they give me a secret thrill of finding out something I feel I can learn about myself. Okay finding out that I will die trying to save someone life was a bit much, but it was fun to think that someone could come up with a quiz that would actually answer such a morbid question. Anyway, my most recent quiz was a surprise; well actually the last two. What artist are you resulted in "Picasso" and although the explanation was correct, I thought myself to be more of a Klimt or Mondrian - two very opposing styles. 

Those silly quizzes were 'spot on' with my favorite house being a plantation estate, my ring style being emerald cut, the Rorschach test (or inkblot test) that said I was "perfectly sane" (Ha!) and the inner self test that said I was "a happy person"...do sing along with me. But the biggest surprise was the findings for - which Philospher are you and their reasoning... (Immanuel Kant - You believe in an overwhelming duty to mankind and the motivations behind actions being far more important than the unseen and partially random consequences. You believe in a priori knowledge, and you know this is true because you have a posteriori knowledge that is only possible because there is a priori knowledge. You are quite fond of torturing others with your complicated thinking. Still, you are the best philosopher.)

Of course, I have heard of many Philosphers over time and thought myself to be educated enough, but surprise, surprise - I had never heard of Herr Kant. Thank goodness for Wikipedia (another shameless plug) because I could not get to the library just then. Kant was a German, from Prussia....hmmm. (as an aside, one of those quizzes said I currently have a Russian personality...go figure!) Anyway, back to Kant, he had complicated ideas and created a following. According to PhilosophyProfessor.com, here is a summary of his ideas:

- Although all knowledge begins with experience, it does not all arise out of experience.

- Knowledge of an orderly world is made possible through the complementary activities of the senses and the mind.

- The matter of our experience is due to our senses and its form is contributed by the mind.

- The world we know is a phenomenal world; we have no knowledge of things-in-themselves.

- The only thing good without qualification is a good will.

- One ought to act only according to a principle of action that can be universalized.

- One ought to treat all rational beings as ends in themselves and never merely as means.

- The categorical imperative must be distinguished from hypothetical imperatives; the commands of the former are unexceptionable, but those of the latter are exceptionable.

- The autonomy of the self-legislating will is the basis of human dignity.

- Belief in God is a postulate of practical reason.

Quite a list to review and digest but do take a minute to ponder - you may surprise yourself by the thoughts that evolve.

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