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i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings


Another Facebook quiz into my innermost inner - most....my result:

Mental Stimulation
You're smartest when it comes to social intelligence, you've got people smarts! Social intelligence refers to the ability to read other people and react appropriately. As a result, you probably have a pretty keen sense of others' motivations most of the time. It's likely that you can also spot the difference between what people say and what they really mean. This understanding of behavior and human nature can help you go far. After all, it's been said that it's not what you know, but who you know that counts. And you have a way with people. Your social intelligence may manifest as having the gift for gab, being a top-notch net worker, or an excellent listener and friend. However you put this intelligence to work, you're sure to be admired for an abundance of social know-how.

Well Epiphany can truly say she is hooked on those silly Facebook quizzes. Even if only having a moment of Facebook time, one must see a friend's quiz result on their wall and wonder what their result would be, hence I keep doing them. Anyway, the result above again was not what I was expecting. (What am I really expecting?) Seriously, the real question is - are any of these results a true perception of who the individual is underneath all the many layers of ego and societal brainwashing. I would like to think that the person above has had a 'complete life', with being able to manipulate and control others but, I would surmise that they are pretty lonely.

If you have ever seen the television program called "Lie to Me", where the main character Dr. Lightman runs a company of specialists whom can spot liars immediately by reading their body language and facial reactions. But at the core of the story are two other underlying stories/issues. One story is about the main character's inability to get over losing his wife and blaming himself, the other is about one of the other specialists and her husband's infidelity. Obviously, these two are very lonely and not using their unique mental acuities.

So why is it that we may know better or how to influence others, at least recognizing certain weaknesses to have the upper hand, but we do not use them to our advantage. Would it be wrong to utilize such a great talent or would the higher powers remind us about "what goes around...". I suppose that influencing others for gain and continuously using them is wrong to a degree but don't we learn as children how to get things out of our parents, how to work the system to our advantage. I do believe that we would all like to think that we do not use manipulation in some form in our every day lives. (I said that immediately, who me ...never!) But if is it done subtly it would not be called coercion but gently persuasion which is a part of life. I started to think about myself and where I was in life. I started to pay attention to how I deal with people. What did I find? Well indeed there are a host of Psychological hoohah that makes the world turn and yes no matter what the result of my quiz said we all seem to fill that need of mental stimulation, albeit some will need to do it more than others. This is what separates the bad people from the very bad people to the people just wanting to get by.

I know you are thinking "the quiz result said you are a networker, a good listener, etc", but I chose to look at the other side of this talent. Do you use bribery, guilt or fancy chit chat to get things your way? Think about it the next time you want something really bad.

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