Epiphany's Mantra

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings


What is Heaven but a Dream?

What is Heaven, if not a Dream in our minds. What if we found out that it is exactly what our ideal of an Earthly Heaven is? What if we never know? What is Heaven on Earth to you?

I am a dreamer, not just day dreams but night time too. You may think as you read this, when does this person sleep? But I do eventually and boy am I a brand new person in the morning. Some people call it traveling and quite frankly, it is just as tiring. But I logged on to write about a dream I had. I have not been sharing them lately, because honestly, I venture to places I do not understand and the messages are incredibly cryptic.

Onto the dream: I am a passenger in a car I do not own. It is also a bit old, maybe a Chevy or Oldsmobile - Pea Green in color. There are four of us. My mother is driving and I am in the backseat (is some else in control of my life, GOD?/Is it time to die?) There is a young man in the backseat with me. He is nice kinda of shy and talks non stop. He likes to kiss everyone but makes sucking noises when he does. He exudes love.

We drive and drive and the road is long. After a night journey, we arrive at the hotel. I still don't know where we are and my Mother tries to get into the parking lot, the ocean is nearby, I can see it behind the hotel and I realize the we are going to be staying here. I still have no idea who the person in the front seat is. My friend in the backseat is explaining that he is impotent. This is important how we have to find parking - hello. Then it hit me, I look down and he is without gender. Androgyny extreme?

There is no room in this garage or underground lot, so we go back out side. The sandy road winds upward, we trek on, this time on foot to see if someone can help us. At the top, We stick our heads in and out of doors trying to find somone to help. A lady down on the veranda waves and from the distance she reminds me of Brook Shields. She tells me to check the garage 2, it should have space. I stick my head in through the door and see an open area devoid of cars, beautiful huge room and along the walls are pillars and the floor is cover in terracotta colored marble. Ooo jackppot I think, we can park here before the rush. I pull my head out and close the door. Turning to tell my roadtrip buddies that I found a space and we have to go around to access it, I noticed that they are not there and a really long line of talkative folks has formed. Everyone is dressed in Khaki shorts and floral shirts or hats and sunglasses etc - ready for the beach.

The line winds back down the sandy slope which incidentally now has additional wood beams to act as steps. I follow it to the end. I am alone again and wake myself up. I am thinking to myself, you are safe you even though going down usually means exactly that. Now I start to talk to myself. That old saying of when you dream dead relatives and they ask you to go somewhere with them never go. But I was already in the car I am thinking. Maybe it isn't my time.

I woke up - thinking, were you really traveling with your Mother, since she passed away 22 years ago? Who were those people in the car?Why did I feel so at ease. The answers may never been known, but I felt like I was in the barreness of abundance, it was Heavenlike to me.

See ya soon,
your travel buddy

ps: As I wrote this, I happen to look at the clock; it said 12:34 pm and as an aside, I love the Beach.

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