Epiphany's Mantra

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes
-e.e. cummings


Conscience and Consciousness - Part 2 of 3

 Are we born with conscience and consciousness? I believe we are and there are many factors along the life line that determine and shape both, having little to do with their origins. My question may not be answerable. I think of the concept of original sin; the de facto supposition of being guilty of the sins of mankind before we finish taking our first breath may be an unintended clue to the forethought of conscience and consciousness. Could it be that our thoughts, thinking process and/or awareness, or the lack there of, are first passed on by generations and then cultivated by our experiences?

If you believe in past life progressions, do we benefit or falter based upon the souls we've had along the way? Are there helper souls, not unlike guardian angels, who befriend us in spirit and in the flesh. Are muses real? Is love, in all its forms, a part of this realm?

I believe I have met people in this life I've know before, some for fleeting moments and others who deeply touch my soul. It is hard to explain in words because being in their company is not an ordinary experience. They become a soft and comforting part of your consciousness and they know you conscience. If I had to characterize it into concrete thought, I suppose you could say that person's being is as that of a true soul mate even if you don't or cannot share your life with them. It is there, unspoken and utterly appreciated.

So where does this indescribable sensation of love, caring and friendship, whether felt for kin, lover, friend or spouse, go at the end of the day? Does it go to ash as all flesh will or does it travel with the soul on to the next destination, whether that be a reunion in a heaven-like place or a next assignment in a new born life?

Then there is the cosmos to consider and the many universes; not to mention all time past and all time to come. We spend so much of the little time we are given, doing little things and sustaining ourselves that we may well be missing the bigger, or even biggest, picture of what life really is. This is easy for me to say, since I am no less caught up than any one else. I am in a box, no doubt, but I do constantly try to see what lies outside of it.

Am I just following in the many footsteps of others who sought out answers to unanswerable questions? Good question, I suppose.

I do believe human beings are better beings if they seek to think and act on a higher plain. Obviously, that only works universally if everyone tries to do the same thing. Once an inkling of human nature seeps into the higher plain, the game is over. It is a constant out of balance battle over existential being and the survival instinct.

Religion tries to offer a solution of eternal life after human death, but most of us hedge our bets on living life to the fullest and seeking forgiveness before it is too late. Few ever figure about a way to have the best of both; the promise and the life.

So far I have not even taken into consideration the effect other forces may have on our conscience or consciousness. Legal and illegal chemicals, emotion, mental health or the lack of it, imagination, dreams, environment, nature, economics, and society and socialization all play into our consciousness or awareness. And, these same forces can weigh upon our consciences as well.


Photo: Meditation 2 by Miamiamia, India

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